Brenda Ballard was raised in the Granite Falls area. 

While helping her eldest stepson do research for a cultural fair project on his late grandfather, Fred Ballard, she became intrigued with the adventures and life of this young teenager in the 1930’s.

A chance meeting with Fred’s childhood buddy, Rudy, proved these stories true. It took ten years and her imagination to piece it all together.
​The result is this amusing and inspiring children’s series entitled ​The Boy From Granite Falls, a nickname given to Fred while serving overseas in WWII. Brenda is married to Fred’s youngest son, Brad. They were married at Kelcema Lake, Silverton, Washington. This is significant as Fred and his stepfather helped build the trail while serving in the CCC.

Silverton is located between the old mill pond that Fred grew up on and Monte Cristo; it is near the Big Four Resort and the Ice Caves. The author and her husband met a few miles down river from where Fred and his friends went, swimming, fishing and being adventurous. Their family spends a lot of time adventuring the same trails as Fred did over a half century ago.
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