The Boy From Granite Falls 
book 2 - Weevil Biscuits

Young Fred Ballard’s 1930s adventures continue through summer in the mountain area above the small town of Granite Falls, Washington. The Boy from Granite Falls, Book 2 continues right where book 1 left off! A couple of rough maps help the reader see Fred’s travels and pull the tales together.

Fred meets the new family who are not what you might call friendly neighbors, pulls a prank that leaves him feeling guilty, starts planning a train ride that may or may not be the best idea the boys have ever had, helps his family cut winter firewood. Fishing and adventuring with their friend Rudy is a given!

What sort of mischief have they got themselves into now? It’s only a page’s turn away.


The Boy From Granite Falls

book one

It is the 1930’s in the mountain area east of a small town called Granite Falls in Washington. Fred Ballard is an amiable, witty teenager whose daring nature and ingenuity often land him in the midst of legendary adventures. Find yourself captivated as you step into a much simpler time, when creativity (and a little courage) was all it took for amusement…
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